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The Landing is a reimagined home furnishing platform that empowers you to design your ideal space.

How does it work?

What is The Landing? What products and services do you offer?

The Landing is a home furnishing and design platform. We inspire users through content, design expertise, and a self-serve interactive design tool. We help users execute on their dream designs through our curated marketplace of inspiring furniture and decor brands and free shipping service.

The services below are available to all customers, free of charge:

  • Content and Design Expertise: Need inspiration before you start? Check out The Landing Blog for everything from floor plans to help you design your space to the best way to make your home office more ergonomic. You can also explore our 25+ partner brands. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team via e-mail or your workspace chat for advice.

  • An Online Design Tool: Our online design tool empowers you to be the designer of your own space. In it, you can envision and design each room of your home in an online workspace. Our tool allows you to add, remove, or swap pieces from our curated marketplace of inspiring furniture and decor brands. You can add collaborators, budget, and explore all via your workspace, and even create images of your space to share with friends.

  • Curated Marketplace: We help you find inspiring brands that align with your design sensibilities and personal values. We champion up-and-coming brands designing with your needs in mind. Exploring and purchasing from our marketplace is offered, free-of-charge, to anyone who uses our design tool.

  • FREE Shipping and Easy Checkout: Our platform allows you to purchase from multiple brands in one, easy, ‘single-cart-checkout’ experience with FREE shipping on all items . We’ll help you track the status of your items and make sure your delivery experience is seamless.

For customers who are looking for an increased level of delivery coordination, we’re thrilled to offer the option of Consolidated Delivery. For an additional fee of $250, this includes:

  • Single day, consolidated delivery of all items. We’ll place your order and consolidate all your packages in our warehouse. We’ll work with you to schedule a single date and time for delivery of all items in your order at once, so you don’t have to coordinate delivery of all your furniture items separately.

  • Remote virtual design consultation. Your Concierge will schedule a virtual design consultation session with you after all items in your order have been delivered. During this call, they will help you design and place items within your space, and to make sure you have everything you need.


Where does The Landing currently operate?

Our design tool is available internationally, for everyone to use. However, we currently are only able to ship products to the 48 contiguous US states.

We only offer Consolidated Delivery in the following states: NJ, GA, NC, FL, CA, VA, IL, TX, MA, SC, NY, WA, UT, MS, OH, KC, CO, CT, PA, DE, DC, MD, WV, NV, IN, LA, RI, NH, ID, OR, AL, TN, AR, KY, MO, KS, VT

Pricing and Fee Structure

How does The Landing structure fees - what am I paying for, and why?

The Landing makes designing and furnishing easy and seamless. As a Landing customer, you receive the below benefits, free of charge, with every order:

  • Free Shipping on Individual Items: You do not pay shipping fees for individual items, we cover those on your behalf. If you’d like Consolidated Delivery, that is an additional $250 flat fee.

  • The Landing Support Team will: 

  • Provide design support if needed and help you check out successfully via our virtual platform.

  • Place and manage your orders and serve as the point of contact with different brands.

  • Track order progress and ensure you are up to speed on the status of your items.

  • Assist you in processing any returns or exchanges as needed.

As part of your purchase with The Landing, you will be expected to pay for:

  • Cost of Furniture + Decor Items: You pay for your chosen furniture and decor items at the same price that is listed on our brand partners’ own websites or stores (see below for our price matching policy).

  • Taxes: You’ll be responsible for paying state sales taxes applicable to your order, which will be calculated at checkout.

  • Return & Exchange Fees: If applicable, you will be responsible for paying return, exchange, and restocking fees for items (see here for detailed Returns & Exchange policy by vendor).

  • Consolidated Delivery Fee: If you’d like Consolidated Delivery (details above), you will be charged a flat fee of $250.


What if I find a product The Landing has listed somewhere else at a lower price?

We’ll happily match prices from the vendor’s own website (e.g., article.com, floydhome.com) for any change in headline price within 24h of your purchase. This excludes sales or promotional price changes. Unfortunately, we are not able to price match discounts on other marketplace or third party sites (e.g. Zola) at this time. To request a price match, please send documentation (screenshot with timestamp) of the price you found to support@thelandinghome.com within 24h of your purchase.


When will I be charged for my order?

When you checkout, a hold for the full amount of your order (items, tax, Consolidated Delivery fee if applicable) will be placed on your card. You’ll be charged for the full amount within 24h of placing your order.

Shipping and Delivery

What are the shipping fees associated with my order, and how are they calculated?

The Landing covers the cost of shipping fees from furniture/decor suppliers for all orders. Landing customers never pay fees for individual items. The only shipping fee we charge is for the optional Consolidated Delivery which is a $250 flat fee.


How is the Consolidated Delivery scheduled?

We look at all the items in your order and estimate the date by which all of those items are expected to arrive at our warehouse. We then coordinate with you over e-mail to select a day and 2-hour time window that works with your schedule to deliver all of your items to your doorstep in a single, consolidated delivery.

Please note that while we’ll proactively monitor the shipping dates, we occasionally may need to reschedule your Consolidate Delivery if an item is delayed.


Do I have to be present at the time of item delivery?

If you schedule a Consolidated Delivery, we will need you to be present to accept and sign off on the delivery of all items in your order from our delivery team.

If you place an order without opting into a Consolidated Delivery, you will not need to be home to accept deliveries of smaller items that will arrive via Fedex, UPS, etc. directly from brands. For larger furniture items, we will put you in touch with the brand’s third-party carrier to determine the date and time of delivery that works best for your schedule. Typically you (or another person) must physically be present to accept a larger furniture delivery.


What is the typical lead time for product delivery?

Our brand partners are committed to getting great pieces to customers quickly. On average, all items in your order will typically arrive within 2-3 weeks, depending on the item. In some cases, as for many smaller items, this timeline could be much shorter. Due to COVID-19, some brands and items are experiencing longer than usual lead times. If an item is backordered, we will proactively indicate that within our marketplace and/or directly to you.

Returns and Exchanges

What if I want to return an item in my order?

During your design and check out, The Landing Support Team is available to help ensure you feel great about the design choices you are making, and that items will work beautifully in your space. Our hope is that this takes some of the concern out of purchasing and needing to return pieces!

If you do want to make a return, The Landing Support Team will be there to help facilitate your process. Returns & exchange fees are typically dependent on the item and brand, and you will be responsible for them in full. Please take the time to review the return policy for each brand/product prior to check-out via our returns policy page.

Typically, you will be refunded the price you paid for the item(s) you are returning as soon as the supplier receives the item less any returns or repackaging fees outlined in the brand’s returns policy. To start the return process, reply directly to one of your order e-mails or reach out to us via support@thelandinghome.com.

If you decide to return an item, you will have two options, depending on the brand and the type / size of item:

1.  For smaller items, The Landing Support Teamwill file the return with the brand and email you a return label - you will then be responsible for packaging the item, dropping the item at the correct mail carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) and for paying any fees associated with sending the item back.

2.  For larger items, The Landing Support Team will file a return with the brand, and coordinate the supplier brand to pick-up the item you wish to return from your home directly. You will be responsible for being present for the pick-up if necessary, and for paying any fees associated with sending the item back.


What if I want to exchange an item in my order?

If you would like to exchange an item in your order for another product from the same brand, we treat this as a return of the first item, and a separate new order of a replacement item. The Landing Support Team will work with you to coordinate all steps to process the return of the item you wish to exchange (as above), and the delivery of the new item directly to your home.


What are the fees associated with returns, and who pays them?

Customers are responsible for costs associated with returning items from their order. These costs are determined by the policies of our supplier brands, which may include a restocking, repacking or returns fee, as well as the shipping fees required to return the item.

Returns policies are communicated upfront in our product descriptions, but always feel free to ask The Landing Support Team about the return policy for items in your cart before placing an order.


What if an item in my order arrives damaged?

We apologize for the inconvenience! If an item in your order arrives damaged, we’re happy to help you get that item replaced, returned, or potentially partially refunded, depending on the nature of the damage and brand damage policies. You will not be responsible for fees associated with shipping or replacing the damaged item.

If your item is damaged, please let us know within 24 hours of delivery by sending us photos of this damage via email to support@thelandinghome.comOur team will then file the claim with the brand, to determine your options for replacement, return, or partial refund, and help you complete the process.

Our Brands + Product Catalogue

How does The Landing choose its brands and product offerings?

We take the curation of our brands and products very seriously - part of the reason our customers choose to work with The Landing is because they can count us to offer brands whose products are high-quality, enduring, and aesthetically beautiful. You can learn more about our partner brands here.

We only work with brands who value what we value in terms of customer service. We look for brands that share our passion for challenging the status quo of the home design and furniture industries, who are committed to timely deliveries, who are relentless about providing items of exceptional quality and longevity, and who are conscious about the environment in their production and delivery. Most importantly, we work with brands who put their customers first.

Our designers hand select a catalogue of products that are modern, exceptionally crafted, and enduring. They won’t go out of style, even as trends come and go. We pick products that will match well together, so that you can be certain that the rooms you design are cohesive, stunning, and functional.


How often does The Landing’s curated set of brands + products change?

We’re constantly adding new and inspiring brands to our platform. If you have ideas on brands who should be featured, or represent a brand who would like to be featured, please reach out to us at support@thelandinghome.com


I’d like to have my brand included on The Landing, who can I reach out to?

We love meeting new founders and brands with inspiring visions. If you’d like to be a part of our marketplace, please reach out to us directly at support@thelandinghome.com with a brief note and link to your products. We’d love to speak with you!


Does The Landing manufacture its own products?

Currently, The Landing does not manufacture any furniture or items of our own. However, we offer a curated marketplace of items from vendors we love and trust.